Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Pics from Chevy Chase

"Man, that fudgecicle was good"...Grand nephew "JB", son of Mark & Susan Tropea

Grand Niece Olivia (4), Big sis to JB!

Chillin' on the Veranda! Brother-in-law Joe & MaryJane; Sis-in-law Pat (John's wife)

Bill Sarine, "1/2 of Sherckle", and Bro John

Olivia and her Great Aunt Sherry

Chevy Chase, MD Visit 6/21/08

Left to Right: Dick, John, MaryJane & Bill.
After spending several beautiful days with MJ & Joe at their vacation home in Bethany Beach, Delaware we headed west to the DC area where we got to spend time with Dick's brother John who was visiting from Seattle with his wife Pat & their granddaughter Kayla. Brother Bill drove up from Raleigh to spend the w/e too! It was the first time in several years that all of the (remaining) Sarine siblings have been together.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 8th Anniversary JR & Rebecca

Happy Anniversary today to Jeremy and Rebecca. Sorry we're not home to babysit so that you can go out but you can have a raincheck to do it anytime!

Bethany Beach, 6/08

"How To Pump Your Own Gas", Lesson 2. This is Aunt MJ reviewing how to pump her own gas for the SECOND time IN HER LIFE!

Bethany Beach, 6/08

Bethany Beach, 6/08

Father's Day ...Uncle Joe relaxing in the hammock!

Bethany Beach, 6/08

Mountain Man at the beach...Can you spell "B-U-R-M-A S-H-A-V-E"?

Bethany Beach, 6/08

Bathing beauty...our niece Janet.

Bethany Beach, 6/08

Grand-niece Maddie on the beach!

Cape May Wedding 6/14/08

Our nephew, AJ and his bride, Cagla (pronounced "Chay-la") tied the knot during a ceremony on beautiful Cape May, NJ Sunset Beach last Saturday. They're headed to her hometown in Turkey for a two-week cruise for their honeymoon. Lucky them!

Gin Can Be Hazardous to Your Health...

A short trip to the ABC Liquor store in local Summerfield last weekend found Dick huddled amongst the booze bottles with several other plaza visitors as they cowered for their lives! Seems that some 20-something inebriated youths were 'target' shooting and some 27 bullets went astray! One blew out the back window of our Suburban!

What We Did on Memorial Day Weekend!

No picnics for us on Memorial Day W/E! We took advantage of empty offices to create and build more shelving space for our ever-increasing array of fabric books! Dick says we cannot get any more! (...Right...)

What We Did on Memorial Day Weekend, View 2

What We Did on Memorial Day Weekend!