Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas 2013, Part One

Time flies.  It's 2014 and we/I haven't posted since May of 2011. Amazing! Life has gone on. Here we are...still working; still enjoying the family. More babies have been born.  And we are three years older. Whatever!

I won't even make an attempt to capsulize life in between our last post and this one. It would be impossible so I will start with current events...like our Christmas gathering from this past December. Our four adult children, their spouses and their TEN children all descended upon our house in Greensboro.  We had joyful anticipation as their arrival date(s) drew near. Joyful. And scared. The kids range from age 8 down to 6 months, and four of them are three! Let's make that even clearer...SIX of them were/are under age 4!

So here's Part 1 of several posts with some shots that make our hearts sing and remind us of the absolute chaos that reigned!

All of the grand kids labeled in their birth order!
Twins Max & Vivi on the ends with cousin Aiden in the middle
Trying to get them all smiling and looking at the camera at the same time was impossible!
Kira (7)

Six of the ten...L to R: Gabe (5); Kira (7); Nana (Ageless); Ezra (3); Vivi (3); Max (3); and Aiden (3)

To be continued!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Gathering May-June 2011, Part 2!

Here are some more pictures of our great family gathering over Memorial Day Week in Greensboro!  Such good times with family and friends!

Aunt Maddie and her adopted "Frenchie" pseudo granddaughter!
Rebecca, Jeff, Dickle

A bad picture of Sherry & Danielle

Sideways picture of Danielle, Dick & Vivi

Don't ask!  Not sure what the professor was doing or saying!!!

"Oma"... Rudy's Mom (Sorry for the bad timing  of the picture Mary Helen...it's the only picture we had of you!!!)

Kira & Nana

Vivi & Opa

Vicky & Aiden

Greg, Jeremy & Ezra


Rudy toasting the camera!

Not to be outdone....here's Greg with his "grandchild"!!!

Rudy , Vivi and grandpa Randy

Uncle Jeff loving on his nephew Max

Happy Vivi

Dads & babes!

Rudy & Vivi

Uncle Greg & Gabe

Feeding time!

Max & Rudy sunbathing!

A full house!

Good friends joined us too!

Hor D'ourves anyone?

Still crazy after 13 years!

Jeremy, Gabe, Rebecca & Ezra!

Max & Uncle Jeff

Nana & Olivia

Nana & Vivi

Nana trying to swim with three of the kids!

Painting before breakfast!

Aunt Rebecca reading to niece Kira & son Gabe

Rudy & Max...Two of the Ginger Mafia!

Vicky, Gabe, Rudy & Danielle

Pop Pop giving the thumbs up!

Max & Dad

Greg celebrating at Ezra's First Birthday!

Olivia & Uncle Rudy

The Tower of Females... Top to Bottom:  Vivi, Kylee, Olivia,  Kristen

Aunt MJ & Uncle Joe visiting from DC (Picking up their Chic Chateau chairs!)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Gathering May 2011 in Greensboro, Part One: The Participants!

It’s taken us nearly two months to go through approximately 1500 pictures that were taken over the days prior to and following Memorial Day when all four of our kids and their families descended upon our house in Greensboro. There were lots of laughs, good times, crying babies and memorable moments, and we’ll try in the next few posts to give a small glimpse of the chaos that kept things lively on Toscana Trace!

From New York: Jeff & Vicky; Kira (5) & Aiden (9 Months)
The Greensboro Contingent: Jeremy & Rebecca; Olivia (6), Gabriel (2 ½) & Ezra (12 Mo)
From Texas: Danielle & Rudy; Vivi & Max (8 ½ Mo)
From Greensboro: Greg

Kira & Olivia Racing Around the Pool!

The Floating Flotilla! ~ Aiden, Vivi & Max  (Ezra was Napping!)

Babies everywhere!




Aiden Jon




Vivi & Max Sunbathing!
Texas Twins ~ Happy Babies!
Olivia (6)

Gabe (2 1/2)

Aiden (9 Mo)

Kira (5)

Vivi & Max Fighting Over the Remote Already! (8 1/2 Mo)

Ezra (12 Mo)