Saturday, January 9, 2010

Boxes & Boxes of Slides!

Dick and I finally purchased a slide scanner around Christmas time and our spare time since has been spent going through several hundred slides and converting them to digitals that could be downloaded for everyone to enjoy! Below you will see many pictures of what my parents called their "middle three" two brothers...Al & Bud and me...who was sandwiched age-wise between those two guys. My only sister Joan and my older brother Roger were already married when these were taken; and our youngest brother..Jim was not yet thought of!

And because I am still blog-illiterate and can never figure out how to space picture descriptions to coincide with the picture you will see some of the following people below: Al & Bud getting ready to cross-country ski across a frozen Lake Eaton to our camp; my favorite great-aunt "Aunt Sally" with my mother and me overlooking some Adirondack beach; Al at the guys hunting camp (I was always ticked as a kid that females were not allowed during the November Hunting Camp!); Me in a two-piece bathing suit where I am apparently losing my top!; Christmases where I got a doll carriage and another dish set. I think my first precious niece, Cindy is the baby in that picture; Some wonderful pictures of our horses...Blackie and then our mare Ginger with her brand-new foal, Star. There's only one of my brother Jim in this group...where he's riding his go-cart bike! More to come Jim!

As you can see we/I were blessed to lead an idealic that has only been fully appreciated as an adult. Thanks Mom & Dad! Miss and love you more than you know!