Saturday, October 3, 2009

“May you be safe; May you be happy; May you be healthy; May you live your life with ease.” Buddhist Teaching

Yesterday was one of those days where I spent a great deal of time in the car going from one appointment to another. I sometimes change the XM radio channel from music to talk radio….particularly the Broads…they are hysterical & talk sometimes about things that are typically not discussed on the air waves. When they’re not on I might hit the Oprah Channel.

(Bear with me now ‘cause I am going someplace meaningful with this…) There are days when I could listen to XM talk radio and not hear a thing…nothing that hits me or is inspirational. But I must have had my ears on yesterday because every time I got in the car there was something on that made me want to stay right there…”Oh, dang!…I have to get out of the car to go into the client’s house??? You have to be kidding me…I’m going to miss this…and that??? “

Dr Oz was on Oprah's XM Channel 156 and was interviewing Marci Shimoff….someone whose name I didn’t know but believe that I have seen on TV several times. I’m certain that I have heard interviews with her before but never really HEARD her premise until yesterday. The snippets that I caught on the radio were enough to make me Google the Oprah XM channel when I got home to try figure what was on yesterday and to somehow find out who this person was.

I found it!!!! …. and then spent the bulk of last evening Googling ‘Marci Shimoff’…listening to her radio interviews, taking page upon page of notes, etc.

I believe that it has tremendous value for each of us in our business and in our personal lives. See if you don’t agree… click on

And if this site caught your attention the way it did mine here are two additional websites in the same vein that have additional information and will continue to inspire…. It’s a radio interview so you’ll need about ten minutes of peace & quiet to listen to it…. .... and a blog…

Good information like this that has positive value needs to be passed on… and I have, probably to the dismay of some of you that get my emails and check out the various ways that we/I commun icate with the outside world. I put it on my Facebook page, sent it on to our wonderful SSI designers and now figured that our blog was a great place further broadcast what the world needs to hear today and everyday.

Hope your Saturday and your weekend is a great one!