Monday, September 28, 2009

What We've Been Doing for the Past Few Months...

Check out if you wondering what we've been doing with our spare time in the last three months! Lots of pictures of The Chic Chateau!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Fun & Faces! Summer 2009

Amazing that so much time can pass so quickly since our last post! Our lives seem to get busier the older we get & one month rolls into the next! We took some time over July 4th to visit our summer camp in the Adirondacks on Lake Eaton...a secluded family haven that's provided a beautiful vacation spot for four generations of the Fenton side of the family. Many who know us are aware that there are no roads around to lake to reach our camp... the only mode of transportation to and from (other than by foot) is via boat.
Electricity is provided by solar panels and a 12 volt system. Telephone cables were dropped on the lake bottom only twenty years ago and indoor plumbing arrived about the same time.
Dick and I had not been to camp in about 15 years so this was not only a vacation but a journey back in time. As much as the 'outside' world has changed, the surrounding area in the Adirondacks remains pristine and virtually untouched! As you'll see there were many happy family moments!