Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Graduation of the Smartest Man in the World

Rudy on the Coliseum's big screen!

We traveled to Athens, GA this weekend to celebrate with Rudy and Danielle as he graduated with his PhD from the University of Georgia. The "Smartest Man in the World" (or "Dr. of Fun" as we now call him) graduated with his doctorate in Recreation and Leisure Studies. (Click on each of the photos to enlarge)

Danielle & Rudy are headed to College Station, Texas tomorrow AM as they begin a new life there at Texas A & M University where he will be joining the faculty as an assistant professor in Community Development. ( )

About 25 of us traveled from all over...Cincinnati; Jackson, Mississippi; Maryland, St. Augustine, Florida, and of course North Carolina, to gather for this momentous occassion. We celebrated with his parents...Randy and MaryHelen, sisters Emily & Rachel and their guys, Doug and Caleb; Greg, Jeremy, Rebecca, & Olivia; Dick's sister Mary Jane and Uncle Joe, Aunt & Uncle Kathi & Keith Collins, their daughter & Danielle's cousin Amy & husband Marshall, and lots of others as you'll see in the pictures below.

Congratulations and, by the way, Happy Anniversary guys.... what a way to celebrate 10 years of marriage!

Dr. of Fun

The Two Papas, Dickle & Randy

The T-shirt we all wore to the Happy Hour at the Globe the night before graduation.... a lesson on "How to try to embarass a doctoral candidate"! (The bartender wants us to send him one of these shirts!)

Danielle was presented with her official release from the Indentured Servitude that supported them both during the long haul... signed and witnessed by all!

Aunt Kathi stealing Olivia!

Aunt Kathi & Uncle Keith

Rudy & his parentals

MaryHelen with her proxy grandaughter!

Already wearing Texas A & M's shirt...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Marshall, Amy and Rudy

Danielle and Rebecca

Uncle Keith doing sign language

Olivia and her Pop Pop

Rebecca and Jeremy

Rudy's sisters ~ Emily & Rachel

Athens Graduation

It's a long trip to Georgia when you're pregnant! Stretching!

Olivia's happy to "take a trip"!

The Outlaw Mamas

It was a full car....notice Mr. Magoo...oh, I mean Uncle Joe in the center!

Happy Hour at the Globe!

Lovin' Chocolate Frosting....Happy Birthday cupcakes..for Rebecca & Greg

The two "bro's"...Jeremy & Greg

Already making the transition from UGA to Texas A & M!

Parting is such sweet sorrow! Breakfast before getting on the road on Sunday!