Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sarine Cousins Gathering 11-28-08

"Cousin to Cousin we'll always be, Special friends from the same family tree." Author: Unknown

The Entire Group!

The Raleigh, NC; Minnesota, California Contingent!

The DC, NJ Contingent!

The Greensboro, NC; NY & Texas Contingent

Ninja Sis & Mom

The next generation of cousins!

"Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends." Author: Unknown

Michael & Danielle

(L to R) Terrin, Mark, Bill, Dick, JB, Jeff

Doug, Bill, John

Rudy, Joe, Dick

Uncle Bill & Susan

Jeff, Janet, Vicky, Greg

El doctoro & the nurse... Rudy & Rebecca

Jeremy, Baby Gabe, Doug, Jansyn

Terrin & Uncle Mark

"Cousins by blood ~ friends by choice." Author: Darlene Shaw

Cousins hanging out.... Maddie, McKinney & Olivia #1

'Foster Grant' John, Aunt MJ, Laura

Susan & Bill

JB & Olivia #1

JB & his Pop

'Kinney & Olivia #1

Proud papa Jeremy & Gabriel

"It's a long way down".....Katelin

Jansyn Holding Gabe

Olivia #2...

Kira & Nana

Kira in her 'super model' pose....

Jake, Jack, Terrin, Michael

Doug & Janet


Doug demonstrating a Ninja stretch....

Danielle & Jansyn

"Cousins are friends that will love you forever"... Author: Constance Richards

Bedding down the younger generation!

Breakfast Bedlam!

"Sometimes I wish we could go back to our childhood days.
Yet here we are, all of us grown.
With busy lives; out on our own.
Things change, but you'll always be
My cousin, my friend....loved by me." Author Unknown

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We were blessed to have everyone together this Thanksgiving. As usual we had our share of laughs, good times and even got to exchange Crazy Santa (or in this case, Crazy Turkey) gifts since it's an "outlaw" year for Christmas. We somehow managed to even get the Christmas tree up early!

Some of the crew...and Olivia showing Pop Pop "I love you this much"!

Jeremy's Version of Weight-lifting! Who's the turkey???

It was a beautiful day in Greensboro...Jeff & Kira at the pond across the street...

Gabe surveying things from Nana's shoulder....

Dr. of Fun & his missus dancing the crazy chicken....

Some people never grow up... Greg with his nieces! He's so great with kids!

Sisters-in-law....Vick & Danielle

"Socks? Anyone want to trade me for socks?"

There's nothing like the wonder & amazement of little ones when they open gifts!

Kira and Aunt Danielle

Aunt Maddie & Kira

Olivia (3 1/2) & Kira (2 1/2) Playing Dress-up

Dweezle (at 15) Chillin'

Aunt Vicky getting some baby time in with nephew Gabe

This is the first time the girls have been old enough to actually play together. They had a great time!

Vicky, Danielle, Jeff & Kira, Olivia & Jeremy, Rebecca, Greg & Rudy