Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Gathering May 2011 in Greensboro, Part One: The Participants!

It’s taken us nearly two months to go through approximately 1500 pictures that were taken over the days prior to and following Memorial Day when all four of our kids and their families descended upon our house in Greensboro. There were lots of laughs, good times, crying babies and memorable moments, and we’ll try in the next few posts to give a small glimpse of the chaos that kept things lively on Toscana Trace!

From New York: Jeff & Vicky; Kira (5) & Aiden (9 Months)
The Greensboro Contingent: Jeremy & Rebecca; Olivia (6), Gabriel (2 ½) & Ezra (12 Mo)
From Texas: Danielle & Rudy; Vivi & Max (8 ½ Mo)
From Greensboro: Greg

Kira & Olivia Racing Around the Pool!

The Floating Flotilla! ~ Aiden, Vivi & Max  (Ezra was Napping!)

Babies everywhere!




Aiden Jon




Vivi & Max Sunbathing!
Texas Twins ~ Happy Babies!
Olivia (6)

Gabe (2 1/2)

Aiden (9 Mo)

Kira (5)

Vivi & Max Fighting Over the Remote Already! (8 1/2 Mo)

Ezra (12 Mo)

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